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Name → Matthew Gray Gubler

Age → 33

Age range(in my opinion)  27-33

Nationality  American

Known for  Criminal minds as Spencer Reid, Alvin and The Chipmunks as Simon(Voice), 500 days of Summer as Paul,

Personalities I believe he could play 

  1. A son of a great magician who wants nothing more to follow in his father’s footsteps but can’t even re-create a simple card trick.
  2. A struggling artist who moved to New York to pursue his dreams but found himself living on the streets and became hooked on drugs. 
  3. A dorky, well-meaning, older brother type who has been in love with his best friend since they were children and is now faced with being the best man at his or her wedding.

Mae’s notes  Sadly I’ve only ever seen Matthew in a hand full of roleplays and I really do not understand why. Not only is he a fabulous actor that could be used for a large range of roles but look at his adorkable face!

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