“Your captivating fire singes my fingertips.”

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There’s often some confusion about when to use A and AN. But the rules are actually quite simple.

You use A before all words that start with a consonant sound.
You use AN before all words that start with a vowel sound.


  • Words like university, where the U sounds as the Y in you, which counts as a consonant in this case. Same goes for words where the EU and E sound like a Y. So here you use A.
  • Words that begin with a silent H, like as in the word honest. Here you use AN.
  • Words where the O sounds like the W in won. Here you use AN.


A room
A university
A pen
A writer
A European city
A one-day delivery.
An apple
An umbrella
An egg
An honest person

I hope this has been helpful!

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Potential sources of conflict for asexual characters


(Or, to put it another way: Suck it, Moffat!)

Internal Conflict

  • Self-doubt about asexual identification
  • Changes in sexual orientation/identification over time
  • Attempts to figure out romantic orientation
  • Conflicted feelings over dual identity as asexual and gay/straight/bi/pan
  • Internalized acephobia and shame
  • Feelings of being a loser
  • Feelings of being a freak
  • Feelings of never being wanted by anyone
  • Anger at rest of the world for not accepting/teaching about asexuality
  • Desire to date conflicts with dislike of sex and/or romance
  • Difficulty distinguishing between sexual, romantic, platonic, aesthetic and sensual forms of attraction
  • Fear of growing old alone due to asexuality
  • Searching for a word to accurately describe oneself
  • Struggle to reconcile one’s religious beliefs and one’s asexuality
  • Questioning of gender roles and own masculinity/femininity due to asexuality

Romantic Conflict

  • Difficulty acquiring a partner who does not require regular sex
  • Fear of getting into a relationship with someone due to doubts that the couple can be happy without sex, or having to give in to unwanted sex
  • Celibate romantic relationship is not recognized or valued by friends and family
  • Attempting to form a queerplatonic and/or polyamorous relationship instead of a traditional monogamous romantic relationship
  • Conflict with partner over what kinds of sexual activities can be done, what is off limits, how often, and whether outside sources of sexual pleasure are acceptable
  • Fear of romantic partner leaving them for, or having an affair with, someone more sexually interested
  • Strain or break-up of relationship due to differing sexual preferences
  • Negotiation with partner over consent issues and how to avoid pressuring a partner into sacrificing something, or development resentment
  • Discovery of own asexuality at a VERY inconvenient time, like in the middle of making out, or right after having sex with romantic partner for the first time

Conflict with Peers

  • Pressure from friends to date and/or have sex
  • Virgin stigma
  • Difficulty getting acceptance from friends or family after coming out as asexual
  • Loss of friendships after coming out as asexual
  • Rumors and gossip from other people due to lack of sexual activity
  • Pressure to fake sexual attraction to be accepted by peers or please a romantic partner
  • Inability to feel comfortable and connected to friends who are very focused on sex and/or dating
  • Other characters attempt to “fix’ or “change” the asexual character
  • Increased discomfort or repulsion when flirted with by others
  • Fear of being outed by others

Other Sources of Conflict

  • Inability to communicate one’s sexual needs, preferences, boundaries, and relationships to others due to lack of asexual vocabulary in common usage
  • Being stereotyped as mentally ill, sex-negative, repressed, or other qualities due to being asexual
  • Family does not approve of asexuality
  • Family demands marriage and children that asexual character does not want
  • Threats of sexual assault or violence from other people, including from romantic partners
  • Alienation from popular media due to heavy use of sexuality and/or romance
  • Coming out as asexual
  • Difficulty meeting and befriending other asexual people
  • Being targeted by homophobia, biphobia or transphobia (either mis-targeted, or because many asexual people actually are trans, homoromantic or bi/pan-romantic)
  • Difficulty accessing asexual-friendly health care or mental health counseling (due to pathologization of asexuality)
  • Desire to have children conflicts with repulsion toward sex
  • Potential for discrimination in work, employment opportunities, housing opportunities and social status due to asexuality. (Actually happens. Really.)
  • Public figure, celebrity, or politician risks backlash over asexuality
  • Immigrant marriage risks being annulled or unrecognized due to lack of sex (This actually happens.)
  • Difficulty adopting a child due to asexuality (Also a real thing that happens.)
  • Discomfort or unpleasantness in bars, nightclubs, stip clubs, raves, or other social gatherings in which flirting and overt sexuality are common

…In addition to, y’know, the fact that almost any plot that you write for non-asexual characters can also be applied or adapted to asexual characters. But those are infinite, so here I only listed conflicts that are directly related to asexuality.

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Potterverse was inspired by the Harry Potter desk graphics that I made a few weeks ago. It can definitely be used for literally any roleplay if you change what’s on the desk, but it is made for Harry Potter roleplays.

The fonts are orator std and across the road. You will need three face claim pictures or gifs. Pictures/gifs that are neck up work best. 

It’s fairly simple to edit, as long as you don’t move any of the layers around, and have a basic understanding of clipping masks and gifs. Feel free to edit it, and if you do, I’d love to see what you did. However, do not redistribute this psd or claim it as your own.

You can download this psd here. Please like or reblog if you are downloading, as this took me a lot of time to make. Do not claim as your own, although slight editing is allowed. If you need any help, you can ask me here.

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Spells, Charms, Curses and more.


I had started to write down all I remembered when I discovered Harry Potter Wikia has actually this pretty organized with extra information on the main pages and everything is linked to it’s own page on Wikia. This is great for paras when you need your character to do something magical and all you remember is Lumos and Accio. 

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Anonymous asked: Which are some older FC's that you would like to see in RP's?


I’m not too sure what you’d define as older, but here’s a few faceclaims I’d love to see more of who are on the “older” side, compared to the faceclaims usually used.


  • Christa Miller
  • Courteney Cox
  • Evangeline Lilly
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Mindy Kaling


  • Ben Barnes
  • Chris Evans
  • Henry Cavill
  • Jeremy Sisto
  • John Hopkins

Hope it helps!

-Zoey. x

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“You are more home than
the house I live in.”

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gif hunt → medieval faceless


Under the cut you will find #100 faceless gifs from medieval/period films & tv shows, as requested by anonymous. None of these gifs are mine. All credit to their rightful owners. Please like/reblog if this helped you in any way. Thank you & enjoy.

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